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  Canine Partners  

Canine Partners is a national charity that trains amazing dogs to help adults living with physical disabilities. The assistance dogs are specially trained to work with their human partners, meeting their everyday needs on a day to day basis and enabling them to live independent and rewarding lives – see their website.

Hearing a talk by a lady with her canine partner inspired members. These wonderful dogs provide wide-ranging assistance for their partners – from pressing switches, opening and closing doors and getting help in an emergency to helping their partners with dressing and undressing and even loading and unloading the washing machine. And it’s not just practical assistance but emotional support too, through true friendship, unconditional love and enhanced independence linked to self-esteem. The partners are responsible for all aspects of their dogs’ welfare, including exercise, so encouraging people to go out - and, of course, dogs are a catalyst for conversation. It’s a truly wonderful partnership.

For some years our Club has helped in a small way by collecting used foreign and British stamps for the charity. Do consider Canine Partners as an outlet for your used stamps; ensure there is a border around the stamps and the perforations are undamaged, then send them to: Canine Partners Stamp Appeal, PO Box 638, Fareham, Hants PO14 9JJ. Canine Partners receives no government funding so any support hugely helps. To donate or find out more about this amazing charity visit www.caninepartners.org.uk/donate.

  Silver Line  

The Silver Line charity operates the only confidential, free helpline for older people across the UK which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Their service for people aged 55 and over offers information, friendship and advice from a specially trained helpline team. 68% of the calls to the helpline are made at night or at weekends. The callers can be linked to local groups and services, and regular friendship calls can be offered from the charity’s volunteers.

  Silver Line  

Our Natty Knitters meet regularly and produce many knitted items.  The blankets and Twiddle Muffs go to local care homes, with children's cardigans, mittens and hats going to Hope Carriers Trust.  In addition, jackets for newborn babies are sent to the Inner Wheel Club of Waterfront in Cape Town, with whom we have a link, to be included in baby bundles given to young mothers at the local hospital.

We collect plastic milk-carton tops which can be re-used in the fabrication of mobility  chairs for the disabled.  The members continue to collect used stamps for Canine Partners, and old coins which benefit other charities.