Inner Wheel Club of Hereford Wye Valley


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Inner Wheel? Inner Wheel is an International service organisation for women, open to all who share its aims and ideals.  Please contact our Club for more information.
What is International Inner Wheel? International Inner Wheel is the administrative body that acts as the umbrella for the organisation worldwide. We are one of the largest women's voluntary service organisations in the world and are active in 105 countries. We have 107,000 members in around 3,875 Clubs. It has an Executive Committee of 5 elected members and 16 elected Board Directors. They look after the organisation. There is a small office in the UK, with one full time employee.
Every three years there is an International Convention organised by a hosting country committee and the IIW Governing Body, where changes to the constitution are discussed and voted upon by the membership.
What is Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in GB&I? The Association of Inner Wheel Clubs is like a wedding cake with tiers — the largest and most important tier is at grass roots level, with a Club near you in most towns and cities and large villages. The next tier is at District level — there are 29 Districts that make up Great Britain and Ireland (GB&I). The third tier is the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in GB&I with a Governing Body and Executive Members representing each District.
What is Inner Wheel District 10? District 10 is one of 29 Districts in UK and Ireland. District 10 stretches from Malvern and Worcester in the North to Nailsea and Clevedon in the South. The District currently consists of 16 clubs with just over 600 members. www.innerwheeldistrict10.co.uk
How are Clubs managed? Each Club is managed by a Committee of Officers. These may vary club by club, but each has a President, a Vice President and an Immediate Past President, a Secretary, Treasurer, International Service Organiser and Club Correspondent.
Hereford Wye Valley's website is:  www.innerwheelherefordwyevalley.org
What documents are available?
Every new member, upon payment of their subscription, will receive a copy of the Constitution. In District 10 they will also receive a new member's pack with additional information.
Further information is available from each Club Secretary who holds a copy of the General Guide (often known as the Pink Guide) and a copy of the current year's Directory.
I would like to attend a District Meeting or event; how do I do this? When notified at a Club Meeting by the Club Secretary, indicate you would like to attend and make the appropriate payment (usually only if there is a meal) to your Club Treasurer - all members are eligible to attend. The Club Secretary will make the booking, with the Club Treasurer providing one cheque to cover all attendees.
Who can vote at a District Meeting? 2 voting delegates from each club should attend each District Meeting. These delegates will have been nominated for the post by a vote at the club's AGM. Deputies can be nominated by agreement of club members.
What if I have
another question?
Please contact any of your Club Officers who will be pleased to help you. Should they not have the answer, then please contact any one of the District Committee. The contact information can be found in
the New Members' Pack or email addresses can be found on the
District website.
How do I find out about previous meetings? Minutes of meetings are circulated by the Secretary soon after the meeting has been held. Please contact your Club or District Secretary to obtain these.
What is Inner Wheel Day? On 10th January each year, Inner Wheel members celebrate the founding of the organisation. Each Club decides upon its own celebration.